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We provide a circle of care from the moment you step through our doors through to your final visit. All services are free & confidential.

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We help you explore all of your pregnancy options. Click to learn more about each service.

"Clarity is a very informative and supportive place. I’m so glad I came here before making any decisions. My support worker is awesome and very understanding, thank you for everything you guys offered and explained!" ~ Clarity Client

Follow-up Appointments
Prenatal Classes
Anita - Prenatal Educator & Doula
New Friendships
Prenatal Classes
Prenatal Education
Postnatal Care
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We empower you with information & care, helping you to make informed & confident decisions. Click to learn more about each service.

"They genuinely listened to me and made me no longer feel like keeping this baby was a decision I was making all alone and unsupported. They encouraged me and provided resources to explore all my options. I was so worried about so many different things even how my relationship with my boyfriend would handle all this new change of life. I was able to make the decision...and process many uncertainties." ~ Clarity Client

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We equip you with the resources you need to thrive. Click to learn more about each service.
Prenatal Vitmains
Baby Showers
Love Box Gift from Embrace Grace
Doula Care
Clarity Baby Merch
New Mom Support

"We now, thanks to all your generosity, have everything we need to begin this new journey with our little princess.... A huge thank-you to those who planned and organized the shower, a huge thank-you to those who donated gifts, time, and resources and of course a HUGE thank-you to Clarity Pregnancy Options for being such an amazing part of the community and going above and beyond for those of us in a tough spot." ~ Clarity Client

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